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Sunday, 7 October 2012

An historical UFO?

Excerpt from "The Annual Register" 1832- an historical report of a UFO?

Alpine Phenomena- After six o'clock in the morning of the 14th of November (says a letter from Bruneck in the Tyrol) a bright stream of light suddenly descended from the centre of the firmament nearly down to the ground, and was then drawn gradually up again to the middle of the sky, whence, for several seconds, it stretched itself out towards the north in a long ray of light which first appeared in a straight, and then changed to a wavy line; after this it gathered into a light orb, resembling a white cloud, and remained stationary in the centre of the firmament for a full quarter of an hour, when it disappeared with the break of day.  The appearance was accompanied by so vivid a degree of illumination that the smallest pebble in the road was readily distinguishable, and those who were abroad at the time were completely panic struck.  The sky, instead of being muddy with vapour, as is customary at this season, and at this time of the morning, was clear and cloudless, and the air remarkably serene and tranquil.  Between five and six o'clock, however, an unusual number of falling stars were observed in various parts of the heavens.

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