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Saturday, 13 October 2012

The incredible number of stitches in a Regency gentleman's shirt

From Hone's Everyday Book 1826
The following list came from a lady who counted the number of stitches in a shirt she made for her grandfather in the Regency period.
Stitching the collar, 4 rows...3,000 stitches
Sewing the ends...500
Button-holes and sewing on buttons...150
Sewing on the collar and gathering the neck...1,264
Stitching the wristbands...1,228
Sewing the ends...63
Hemming the slits...264
Gathering the sleeves...840
Setting on to wristbands...1,468
Stitching shoulder straps, 3 rows each...1,880
Hemming the neck...390
Sewing the sleeves...2,554
Setting in sleeves and gussets...3,050
Taping the sleeves...1,526
Sewing the seams...843
Setting side gussets...424
Hemming the bottom...1,104
This list elicited the following response from the author of the book-
"The immense work in a shirt is concealed, and yet happily every "better half" prides herself on thinking she could never do too much towards making good shirts for her "good man". Is it not in his power to relieve her from some of this labour? Can he not form himself and friends into a "society of hearts and manufactures", and get shirts made, as well as washed, by machinery and steam?"

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